about this blog

Hello! And welcome to this blog. Here's a little background for you...

about me

I'm Wendy, the sole author of De Nouveau Review. After having a personal blog for about six years, I decided to try focusing my writing in the form of a beauty blog. With the encouragement of my blogging idol, Adiel of It's Because I Think Too Much, I set out to create this blog. My goals for De Nouveau Review are to:
  1. Keep track of new products I try and provide honest and helpful reviews of them;
  2. Encourage myself to branch out of my comfort zone by trying new makeup techniques;
  3. Pass along any tips and tricks I develop; and
  4. Help myself and others develop the most cost-effective beauty regimen possible. 
about the title

Another thing you should know about me is that I'm an attorney. When I'm not playing with makeup, shopping online, or watching t.v., I'm reading cases, researching issues, or writing and editing. With the title "De Nouveau Review," I allowed my two worlds to collide.

In the law, there's a concept known as de novo review. This usually comes up in appeals. Black's Law Dictionary explains that this is "[a]n appeal in which the appellate court uses the trial court's record but reviews the evidence and law without deference to the trial court's rulings." Put simply, the appellate court looks at all of the information and comes to its own conclusion. It isn't bound by what the lower court decided.

Nouveau is essentially the French form of novo. It's a sexier and less legalese way of saying the same thing. With this blog, I hope to cast aside what I've heard or read about products and approach them with new eyes. Like appellate courts applying de novo review, I won't be bound by the opinions of others. I'll form my own opinions by applying
 De Nouveau Review.