wavering waves

On one of my recent shopping trips, I was intrigued by this in-shower styler from Living Proof. I always love opportunities to save time and multitask, and the product specifically advertises being "ideal for straight to slightly wavy hair." That's me!
To more fully appreciate this review, some background info would likely be helpful. Leaving my hair naturally wavy isn't my favorite look, but sleeping in is my favorite hobby. So I often go for a natural look, even though I don't love it. Doing my hair wavy involves washing and conditioning like normal, towel drying my hair to exactly the right point of dampness, using various sprays and creams depending on my mood, brushing the product through my hair, scrunching my hair, leaving it for a while while I do my makeup, scrunching some more, and hoping it dries by the time I get where I'm going (my hair takes notoriously long to dry). Depending on which step I screw up, my hair can frequently be too straight or too frizzy at the end of all of this. 

With Perfect hair Day, the instructions mandated a slightly different approach: wash and condition like normal, apply product, lightly rinse product, towel dry, scrunch, and air dry. The most notable missing step was brushing/combing through my hair--no detangling whatsoever. After using the product as directed, my hair was very wet.

This was me on my way to work. I had the sunroof open and windows down to try and speed up the air drying.
After about 3 hours, here's where I was at:
Shortly after taking this pic, I felt like my hair was fully dry. I applied some serum to my fingertips and lightly combed through my hair. 
At that point, it looked pretty normal for my wavy hair. In fact, I saw my sister later that night and when I asked for her thoughts on the new product/approach, she said, "It looks like it always does."

There was one main difference I noticed, though. And that was the relative lack of frizz. 

I think that's because I scrunched my hair once and then left it, rather than my standard process of scrunching multiple times. 

I'm left feeling a little undecided about this product. The end result was essentially identical to every time I leave my hair wavy. But the process was simpler and used fewer products. However, to really get my hair dry this way took way too long. If I had meetings (or really anything on my calendar when I had to talk to other people), I wouldn't have felt comfortable going how I looked at the beginning of my day. 
But I liked how my hair felt. Not only was there less frizz, but also the lack of hairspray/texturizer made my hair much freer and less dried out. There's also this additional consideration: Because my hair wasn't bogged down with a lot of excess product, it was great second-day hair. It was perfectly primed to be curled. See, here's my day 2:
So, I'm not really sure what to do with this product. Maybe it will fit best into my weekend routine. I can air dry my hair while I get stuff done around the house Saturday morning and be in a good position to curl my hair for church the next day. 

What do you think? Any other ideas of how I can make this product work for me?