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I don't often blog about non-beauty aspects of my life, but the things keeping me busy in my personal life are often the reasons I don't blog as regularly as I'd like. So I thought I'd break with tradition a bit and do a post updating you about what's been going on. Bonus: Read to the end and I'll tell you how you can win a Coach wristlet! I've partnered up with Adiel of RoseGoldLining.com for perhaps my best giveaway yet!

The bulk of my time lately has been spent at the Empress Theatre in my hometown.

I choreograph about one show a year there, and the latest--Lucky Stiff--just opened this weekend.

I don't think I've posted many pictures of my adorable dog on here, but she just got her spring haircut. Here's a before and after:

And speaking of hair, I wanted to take a second to give my stylist a shoutout. I first met her kind of randomly. I was going to a BYU football game back in 2016 and planned to meet some Twitter friends for the first time. So, naturally, I wanted to get a blowout. The blow dry bar I frequent was booked up by the time I looked for an appointment, so I ended up booking one with a regular salon where I had once gotten a haircut. Anyway, my appointment ended up being with Cesiley, and she was an absolute delight. When I decided to start coloring my hair again, I went to Cesiley. And I've been going to her ever since.

I trust her implicitly. This past weekend she surprised me with a subtle shadow root, and I'm in love. 

I sincerely hope you're all lucky enough to have a stylist you love!

Anyway, there's an update on my life! I'm excited about Spring, the direction my job is taking, and some opportunities on the horizon. And you should be excited about the chance to win this gorgeous Coach Nolita Wristlet, worth $275. 

It has an interior pocket, outside zip pocket, and a chain strap with a detachable clip. It's 9 1/2" long, 5 1/2" tall, and 2 1/4" wide. You can enter to win by any number of the following options. Good luck!

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