the world was wide enough for both

You might have seen on Instagram that I somehow ended up in Chicago without any eyeshadow.

The first night there, I used bronzer as a substitute. But I knew I could only do that temporarily, otherwise I would hate how I looked for my entire vacation. So I took advantage of our hotel's close proximity to the Mag Mile and snagged a new palette at Ulta.

The NARSissist Wanted palette is gorgeous; I loved the look of it as soon as I saw it on display.

But what I didn't realize until I actually went to use it is how similar it is to Naked Heat from Urban Decay.
I've already given you my in-depth thoughts about Naked Heat, so I won't rehash those here. But I want to talk briefly about the similarities and differences between these two palettes. 

As a starting point, I would never tell someone to purchase both. They're way too similar to justify the costs. But where I already have both, I can also say there are enough differences that both palettes will still end up in my rotation. Naked Heat is more vibrant, while Wanted seems to have more options for subtlety and everyday looks. Wanted has more staying power, while Naked Heat is more blendable. 

For me, the biggest differences come in the non-red shades. Naked Heat essentially offers you two shades on the left side of the palette that can be used for brow bone and blending. That number jumps to four in Wanted, and it includes shimmery shades--my preference. Here's a look I created with Wanted, using no red shades. 

I don't think there's any way I could create a comparable look with Naked Heat.

Although it gives me a bit of heartburn to say this, because I'm an Urban Decay faithful, if I had to choose just one of these palettes to purchase, it would be the NARS.

As things stand, though, I'll make use of them both.
(In case the title of this post didn't tip you off: Yes, I saw Hamilton in Chicago. And yes, it was as incredible as you're thinking.)


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