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Several years ago, my hair suddenly started falling out. As someone with historically thick and healthy hair, it was more than a little disconcerting. After doctor visits and blood tests the only thing that seemed to be "wrong" was that I had a vitamin D deficiency. My doctor told me to start taking supplements, and eventually my hair returned to normal.

I no longer take my supplements every day, but sometimes I'll notice my hair seems to stop growing as quickly as it usually does, and I'll start up again. The last time it happened, rather than going to my normal vitamin D supplements + a daily multivitamin, I used a product I'd been given to test--hair growth vitamins with DHT blocker from Zenwise Labs
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The product claims to "promote hair growth and overall hair health," and I think it delivered. My hair is once again growing like normal. (Maybe even quicker; a few weeks after my last hair cut my sister made a comment that my hair was growing super fast.)

If you're looking for a supplement that will benefit your hair, consider giving this one a try.

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