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Since my 1L year at Creighton, a Jesuit university, I have tried to observe Lent--at least as it relates to giving up something. My sacrifices have varied from internet use during class to the snooze button, depending on what I've been struggling with or indulging in.

This year I wanted to do something to help me keep my spending in check, so I committed to a pretty broad goal: No Shopping. I had some built-in exceptions, of course, like groceries, birthday gifts, and genuine necessities. But for 40 days, I basically didn't buy makeup, hair care products, clothes, shoes, etc.

I wasn't perfect, but I did pretty well.

The results were hard to deny. I paid off a high-interest loan and a credit card that has carried a balance since I was in undergrad. I was blessed to make a good number of Poshmark sales, too, so while I wasn't buying new I was also getting rid of old!

Anyway, an unexpected byproduct of this year's Lent was figuring out that I had some much-loved products that I sorely missed when they ran out and I wasn't able to restock. I thought I'd share what those products were and tell you why they're so important to me.

Kenra Silkening Gloss

Whether I do my hair straight, curled, or leave it naturally wavy, I use serum every day. This particular serum has been in my rotation for years. I love it because it's lightweight and smells divine.

Too Faced Beauty Balm

This is actually super tragic, but I can't find this product anywhere to link to. When I first tried this BB cream, I had found it for a good price at Nordstrom Rack and picked it up on a whim. When I ran out, I realized the product had been discontinued but found some on Amazon. Now, I can't find it. So I debated whether to even include it since you can't do much with my recommendation.
But in case someone somewhere is thinking, "What am I going to do with this giant lot of Too Faced Beauty Balm in Snow Glow?" I'm putting this out in the world: I love this product and will buy all you have.

It's got everything I love in a BB cream/tinted moisturizer. It's lightweight but buildable. It sits into my skin while not settling. It's great to wear alone or combine with other foundation products. I love it. And I miss it.

AG Hair Care Tousled Texture

I'm a big believer in texturizers. They help my hair maintain its style and provide more natural looks. Like serums, I use texture spray no matter how I do my hair for the day. The texture spray I had been using pretty religiously started acting weird and would spray out in clumps, so I looked for something else. That's when I settled on this.

I feel like I use the same adjectives for every product I like, but this one too is lightweight. But it still does its job of bulking up my hair and adding shine. Big fan.

Butter London Lippy

I'm pretty sure I've blogged about this lip gloss before, and my feelings for it haven't changed. (Okay, technically it's a "liquid lipstick," but I'm over the trend of calling every lip product that.)

I use the shade Yummy Mummy. The product is a little stickier than I'd like, but it's my absolute favorite lip color I've found. I even use it alone, without mixing in other shades! (You might not know this about me, but that's a big deal.) 

Do you have any products you'd be lost without? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!


  1. I also love that texture spray! And I’m adding that serum to my shopping cart right now. Thanks for the recs! And congrats on paying off that debt! So inspiring!


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