periodicals and poshmark

Last year, my brother bought me several magazine subscriptions. I hate throwing the magazine in the recycling bin when I'm done with an issue, because I feel like it still has life left to live.

In wondering how I could put the magazines to better use, I often think about the collages I used to make growing up. I feel like we did this at church activities, in school, and maybe just for fun? Where we would cut out pictures and words from magazines and make a poster. I asked one of my sisters if she thought her daughters would enjoy that as an activity, and she made it clear that I was showing my age. Honestly the idea still sounded fun to me, but I couldn't justify the behavior. I don't have a locker to decorate, and my sense of interior decorating has evolved--at least somewhat--since I was a teenager.

For a while, I was using the magazines to style my Poshmark cover photos. (For example, see this or this or this or this.) But lately I've been trying out more minimalist shots. (Examples here, here, and here.) *Side note: If you prefer one look over the other, let me know in the comments!* And I'm once again wondering how I can repurpose the magazines I have lying around.

Separately, I almost always reuse boxes for my Poshmark sales. (I know you can get Priority Mail materials free from the post office, which I've done a few times, but I order so much stuff online it would be dumb to let those boxes go to waste.) I normally cover the barcodes with a strip of paper or black them out with a Sharpie. But today while I was packing up a sale, the issue of Cosmopolitan I had just finished reading was sitting on the table. That's when inspiration struck.
That's right. I'm 32 and I made a magazine collage. I covered the mailing label and barcodes, and then I just kept going.
My plan was originally to place my new mailing label over the collage, but because the label fit on the side of the box, I opted not to cover up my creation.

Maybe my buyer will think it's dumb or juvenile, but I had so much fun! I felt better about throwing my Cosmo in recycling knowing it had served a purpose beyond my own edification regarding trends of leather fringe.

Now I just need to make some more Poshmark sales and finish reading this month's Elle and Vanity Fair so I can do it again!
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