give me a hand (cream)

I was preparing a post about a new alternative to my favorite hand cream when another came in the mail. I thought it might be fun to compare the two and see if my favorite could keep its title. It does, but the two new lotions have their own benefits that deserve discussion.

At the beginning of the year, I subscribed to Glossybox. I know, I know. I subscribe to too many beauty boxes. (And I should probably take the time to do more reviews and decide which are worth keeping.) But Glossybox is my favorite. (It's also the most expensive. Go figure.)

One month, my box included "super soft hand lotion" from I Love cosmetics. It's the raspberry & blackberry scent and smells oh so delicious.

Separately, my SIL recently started selling Scentsy and I ordered some of their hand cream to try out. I like fruity scents, so I went with their No. 09, which is supposedly crushed pineapple, coconut milk, and vanilla. I don't get that smell from this lotion, but it does smell good. And the scent is more subtle than the I Love lotion, and subtlety might be important to some people.

Both of these lotions are a great size for carrying in your purse. The I Love is more immediately moisturizing, and I prefer how it feels, but it doesn't last long. Plus, it's nearly impossible to find this lotion online.

The Scentsy feels...gritty? kind of? It's hard to describe. But immediately after putting the lotion on, it feels like something is on your skin, rather than being absorbed by it. But eventually that goes away, and it's actually decent at moisturizing. However,  I'm not convinced it's worth the price tag.

Overall, I'd rank both of these lotions as good. Not great, but better than fine.