the whole package

Skincare systems seem to be a love-em-or-hate-em concept. I think I tend to fall in the "hate 'em" camp. This is typically how I feel about acne systems anyway. It's so much effort to go through every step every day, plus it's expensive when products seem to only work as part of a set.

I'm happy to say that I've found an exception to my standard skepticism about skincare systems. That exception would be the RegenFX Skin Care System, which includes a hyaluronic serum, an age-defying moisturizer, and an eye gel. I love this system because you don't actually have to commit to the system as a whole. The products are complementary to--but not dependent on--one another. If you don't need to use the eye gel one day, don't use it. The other products will still do their job.
Overall, I can say that these products are extremely high quality. They don't just sit on your skin but, rather, they immediately start working into it.

But let's break down the system. The eye gel is an absolute God-send. It includes plant stem cells and pure amino acid complex. It's clear, lightweight, and can be used each morning. I find daily eye gels much more useful than those you apply at night, because it's always in the morning that you look at yourself and say, "Wow. What's going on with my old-lady eyes?"

The serum is good and seems especially effective at bringing radiance to the skin--perhaps more so than other hyaluronic products I've been testing lately. I use this at night, but I think it could probably work fine in the morning. Especially because the serum is moisturizing. You might be able to get away with not using a separate moisturizer.

But why would you want to do that, when you can use my NEW FAVORITE moisturizer? First off, it has peppermint oil in it and smells absolutely delightful. Second, it's not greasy and makes for a wonderful daily moisturizer. And finally, it smells fantastic. Okay, I know I already said that. I just love it. The peppermint wakes me up, and my day is better after using this moisturizer because of it.

A few weeks ago I got an awful sunburn. My forehead looked leathery and terrible before it finally started to peel. In the time between the burn and the peeling, this moisturizer eased the gross leathery look and allowed me to still apply makeup normally. I honestly think it prolonged the time it took for my skin to peel, but I guess I have no way of knowing that for sure. What I do know is that the sunburn completely sucked out all the moisture from my skin, and this little miracle put it back. It has quickly become my beauty best friend.

I would recommend checking out any or all of the products in this system. They each have a job to do and do it well.

I received this product free in exchange for an honest review. I will never post opinions on De Nouveau Review that are not entirely my own.