trust me on this one

I've been asked to review a lot of products lately. It seems like my response to most of them is, "This is good." Rarely I'll think, "This is terrible." But then sometimes I find a gem that makes me think, "I'm in love!" This particular product fits into the last category.

I've talked plenty about my difficult skin. I have problems with redness and acne. I'm always willing to try new products, but to really evaluate their effectiveness is scary because I have to temporarily stop using products that have already proven themselves. So when I got asked to review Radha Beauty's Skin Clearing Serum, I was simultaneously excited and nervous. I was excited at the chance to add another weapon to my acne-fighting arsenal, but I was nervous that the product wouldn't work and I'd quickly break out. That nervousness worsened when my skin started acting up the day before I started testing the serum.

All my fears quickly fell away when this product effectively cleared up my breakout and warded off any others for the next month. I feel like this product is made for me, as it's formulated to combat signs of aging as well as clear up blemishes. Just what a 29yo with acne needs!

It's lightweight, absorbs quickly, and has a mild scent. I used it each night before bed. The bottle I was given to sample is now gone and I'm waiting on its replacement as we speak!

I received this product free in exchange for an honest review. I will never post opinions on De Nouveau Review that are not entirely my own. 

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