makeupless morning

Today I ran into two problems with my morning routine. The first: I overslept. The second: United Airlines was kind enough to send my suitcase to Houston while I flew to Atlanta, so all of my go-to makeup is somewhere en route. Of course I have backup of most makeup that I can use. And backups for my backup. But I always use the same loose powder (Cover GirlProfessional) and only buy new when I’m running out. So I was powderless and short on time. As I was rummaging through my lesser-used makeup, I saw this guy:
I was down to about five minutes before I absolutely had to be out the door. I promised myself I’d stay in my office all day so no one would see my liner- and shadow-less eyes, my unblushed and unbronzed cheeks, or my naked eyebrows. Then I threw this foundation on with some mascara and clear lip gloss. Obviously I don’t look good, but gosh, my skin sure does! I can’t remember why I ever stopped wearing this in the first place. L’Oreal Magic NudeLiquid Powder, you’ve officially been promoted to the top makeup drawer.