a little lippy

I hate lip color. The natural color of my lips is a terrible pinkish red, and I’m always trying to cover that up. I can’t use clear lip gloss, because that just enhances the redness. But a lot of the lip glosses that lighten the color are pretty frosted, making me a walking throwback to circa 2002. (I also don’t do lipstick because of my poorly defined vermilion border.)

Anyway, during a quick run to Ulta over the weekend, I saw a display for Lippy liquid lipstick by Butter London. I’ve seen the product before but had never really paid it much attention. Maybe it caught my eye this time because the shade Yummy Mummy was prominently displayed. For just $10, I grabbed it and decided to test it out.
I’ve used it the last three days and I'm a big fan. The color is subtle, lightening my terrible red lips without looking too frosty. It stays on for a long time—much longer than a traditional gloss. Lipstick fans who dislike the stickiness you’ll often find in lip glosses will want to steer clear of this product; it’s probably not for you. But for gloss lovers looking for a natural, somewhat colorless look, I say give it a try!