new makeup for the new year

Everyone is excited about the new year, including the guys of One Direction!
What's exciting for fans of the band is that the boys have added to their makeup line.  Some of the new additions include an awesome colored mascara that doubles as hair highlights, glow gloss, and nail polish. My nieces tried out the products and loved them. 
The hair highlights took a long time to dry, but once they did they provided great color.  When used as a mascara, though, the color was much more subtle. Frankly, I think that's how colored mascaras should be. I would use your regular mascara, then add a little flair with the colored mascara on the tips if your eyelashes. 

The lipgloss was a good vibrant pink but not too thick or sticky. 

My sister reported that the nail polish stayed on for several days, and she was impressed with the quality. 

So if you're looking for a good way to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to your favorite One Direction fan, I'd look the direction of this new limited edition makeup!

Even though I received this product complimentary, I will never post opinions on De Nouveau Review that are not entirely my own.   


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