kiss me, please!

I was recently given the opportunity to test out the Kiss InstaWave, and I am super excited to share my thoughts!

To fully appreciate this review, you need some background on my hair.  It's naturally wavy, so I have to work to get it straight or curly.  Of those two options, I'll go for straight if I'm actually taking the time to do my hair, because straightening hair is foolproof.  Curling, on the other hand, is potentially disastrous.  I'm not good at it and even when I successfully curl my hair, it takes me about an hour and those curls usually won't last half the day.  So generally speaking, curling my hair isn't worth it.

Enter the Kiss InstaWave.

I know you guys have seen commercials for this or similar products and rolled your eyes.  We're used to standard curling irons or rods, and a fully automatic tangle-free curler sounds fake.  It's not.

The following pictures were from the first time I used the curler.

Out of the shower, I applied some anti-frizz serum and twisting lotion, which I then brushed through my hair.  Normally before curling my hair I wouldn't brush it (because I like to take advantage of the natural waves), but I wanted to follow the directions on the box my first time.  Then I let my hair air dry while I did other things.

I made sure to get the clock in these pictures so you'd see that even with all my hair, the whole process start-to-finish only took a half hour.  That's half the time it normally takes for me to curl my hair.

As I left for the afternoon I finger-combed the curls, teased my crown, and quickly sprayed with hairspray.

I was amazed how curly my hair still was nearly twelve hours later as I prepared to go to bed.

However, I was even more amazed when I woke up late the next morning and was able to leave with my hair looking like this after nothing more than adding a little dry shampoo.

So, seriously, I love this thing. Go buy one. Put it on your Christmas list. Give it as a Christmas gift. It's my new fave.

Even though I received this product complimentary, I will never post opinions on De Nouveau Review that are not entirely my own.