channeling my inner donna

If you don't watch Suits, you should.  I personally think it should be required viewing for all law students in Professional Responsibility/Legal Ethics classes.  But really why I love it is because of the fantastic female characters.  Sure, you could argue that Mike and Harvey are the main characters on the show, but nothing would get done and done right without Donna, Jessica, and Rachel.  Plus, these women are among the most elegant and fashionable on television.  I want their professional wardrobes.  I want their hip-swaying walks in 4-inch heels.  I want their incredible beauty.

I'm almost caught up on the current season, and I have been especially obsessing over Donna lately.  She is so fierce and confident.
The last episode I watched I caught myself just staring at her eye makeup several times.  She's gorgeous, of course.  But she also really enhances her natural looks with some phenomenal shading.  I noticed her eyes are set off by a stark contrast between her lid and crease colors.

This morning while getting ready, I tried channeling my inner Donna.  Among our many dissimilarities, Sarah Rafferty and I have very different coloring, so of course it wouldn't work for me to try and copy her makeup.  But I did try and capture her fierce confidence, and I've got to tell you: I felt great all day.  We should all find admirable woman to inspire our makeup each day; I think it helps you feel more admirable yourself.