this for that: lip gloss

For a long time I've thought about creating a "This for That" series on the blog, where I show you just how cheap I really am. The idea comes to me each time I take a product ("this") and use it as another product ("that"). A classic example everyone should be familiar with is baby powder in the place of dry shampoo. I don't really know if this counts, because I think using baby powder on oily hair might predate the existence of dry shampoo, but you catch my drift.

So anyway, for my first "This for That" post, I thought I'd tell you about something I do ALL THE TIME. I create my own lip color using eyeshadow. Maybe this is a common thing; maybe it's not. But I've done it for years. Here's my thinking: it's a lot easier and economical to accumulate a ton of eyeshadow than it is to accumulate a ton of lip gloss. Just think of those massive Colorworks palettes you've received for Christmas, with about eighty thousand eyeshadow shades and four lipglosses. Put those crazy colors to work for you! This is also a great way to tone down a lip color you've already applied if it doesn't look quite like you'd hoped. 

This morning I wanted a brownish-nude color on my lips, and I had no such color of lipgloss or lipstick. So I swept some Urban Decay Midnight Rodeo eyeshadow on the center of my pucker, then ran some Lost over that, taking it to the edges of my lip lines. Finally, I applied Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss in I Want Candy. I could have used any clear or light pink gloss over top. That's just the one I grabbed. 
And voila! Any lip color you can imagine.
 Do you do this? What "This for That" hacks do you make use of on a daily basis? I'd love to hear!


  1. You are so creative! Can't wait to hear your other swaps!

  2. This is awesome! I don't wear eyeshadow, but I do wear lipgloss. Perfect trick to use on all those gifts I don't use.


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