messing with routine

I've been reading a lot lately about reverse hair washing. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, it's exactly how it sounds. You change the order in which you normally wash your hair--condition first, shampoo second. I've heard a lot of purported benefits, but what drew me in was a claim that reverse washing will leave your scalp less oily.

When I straighten my hair, I swear by late afternoon my hair is already looking greasy. I thought maybe this would help solve that problem.

Well, it didn't. My hair seemed to start with a little more volume, but that might have just been in my head. I'm very susceptible to the placebo effect. Anyhoo, nothing really changed with oiliness. I still had to dry shampoo on day two.

But something caught my eye after that first reverse wash experience. Before I even had a chance to start blowdrying my hair, the hair along my temples had started to go curly. This isn't abnormal for the bottom layer of my hair, but I don't usually see it elsewhere. When I leave my hair wavy, it's a conscious thing. I have to carefully and timely apply serum, cream, and sometimes mousse before scrunching, diffusing, and then spraying like crazy. But those little curly cues got me wondering what reverse washing would do for my waves.

Today I found out.

This, my friends, happened with zero effort. No curl cream. No scrunching. No diffusing. You might be thinking that this hair looks virtually identical to every other day I wear my hair wavy, and that's exactly the point! And I think it's crucial to note how much easier it was today.

Conditioning first means less conditioner hangs around to weigh down your locks. At least in my case, this makes reverse washing ideal for curly days.

Have you tried reverse washing? What did you think?