it's a matte-r of fact

I like to switch foundation almost daily. I'm constantly experimenting, adjusting to changes with my skin, and remembering products I haven't used for awhile. This is why it's noteworthy that last weekend, I ran out of my Rimmel Stay Matte foundation. I haven't run out of a foundation FOREVER. But this puppy has been my go-to when I can't decide where to go. My constant in an ever-changing makeup routine. I seriously love this makeup. Like, LOVE.

Shine is always a concern for me. I try primer. I use finishing powder. And I even avoided midday shine surprises through much of this super dry Winter. But as Spring has emerged, warming my heart and glistening on my t-zone, I have fallen back on this mattifying foundation more than ever.

Lest you be concerned, rest assured that I had a new, unused tube of my favorite foundation the moment the other ran out. But that's just when I knew I had to reiterate, via this blog, how big of a fan I am.

Here I am, shine-free, leaving the house:
  And matte as ever upon returning home from work:
sorry for the creepy close-up, just trying to  get my point across!
 And even after waking up from a nap:
I'm serious you guys. I love this stuff.