giveaway: the orange face dilemma

Have you ever discovered a foundation that offered great coverage and touchable smoothness but that didn't come in the perfect shade? Have you caught your reflection after leaving the house and realized your skin looks an unnatural shade? I call this the Orange Face Dilemma. It often rears its ugly head with drugstore makeup that would be a great deal if only more shades were offered.

The most recent culprit for me is Loreal Skin Beautifier BB Cream. I love the makeup but the shade is just too orange. I'm too cheap to throw out an unused product, and I'm too stubborn to give up on a product I haven't made work yet. As a result, I've developed a few tricks that help me overcome the Orange Face Dilemma.

First, and most preferably, I mix foundations. I actually do this a lot, even when I'm not worried about orange skintones, but it's especially helpful in this situation. Often times I mix a foundation that's too light with a foundation that's too dark and am happy with the final product.

But what if you've applied your entire base before deciding you look a bit like a pumpkin? Here's what I do:

1) Apply a whitening product over your base. My favorite is a random little gem I once snagged at a Modnique sale, Hanskin Glossy Magic BB Cream. I like this because it's a bit shimmery, which reflects light rather than allowing the orange to come through.

2) Rosy up those cheeks! On an average day, my blush tends to be a peachy or coral shade because that contrasts best with my natural coloring. But when I'm fighting off orange, I opt for pinker colors. I don't want to add more orange to my face.

3) Get rid of your bronze bronzer. Most bronzers are basically metallic shades of orange, which would only compound the problem. The solution? Opt for a matte brown bronzer. My absolute favorite is Too Faced Chocolate Soleil.  It's wonderful, independent from the dilemma at hand.

Just for you, I intentionally applied my too-orange foundation without blending and applied these three easy tricks. Obviously the overall shade is still more orange than ideal, but these tips are all about damage control. Here's the final result:

The Hanskin BB cream I mentioned also comes in a non-glossy formula, which is still whitening but less dewy. I snagged a few mini bottles of the stuff, and it's now my pleasure to present De Nouveau Review's second giveaway! Three lucky winners of this quick giveaway will receive one 10ml bottle (I told you they were mini) of Hanskin Perfect Super Magic BB Cream. Plus, I have something extra for a fourth "grand prize" winner. You see, I recently purchased a bottle of Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Shine perfume. I love the scent, but the first day I wore it my poor little dog couldn't be around me without sneezing. Maybe it sounds ridiculous to say my dog is allergic to this perfume, but I really think she is and I'm afraid to wear it again. Anyway, with the disclaimer that this perfume box has been opened and the nozzle sprayed 3 times, I am giving away the 3.4oz bottle of perfume. 

Best of luck!

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  1. i never had encountered the orange face dilemma

  2. Yes. At one point I tried to tone it down with face powder. That was a mistake. I love BB cream, and perfume most of all! Thank you for this chance!

  3. Never had that problem, but love BB cream!

  4. I've never used foundation (except for big events) and when I have it is someone else doing my makeup :S one of my resolutions for the year is to try doing more make up and putting time into it.

  5. You're getting good at this blogging thing, sista

  6. Yes I definitely have encountered the "pumpkin look." I apply the BB cream and it goes away... thank goodness. Thanks for the article and giveaway!


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