forest fire

I think one of the most over-used terms in the makeup world is "smokey eye." It's impossible to define yet broadly used. I'm not saying people use the term incorrectly, but I do think its popularity has rendered the term almost meaningless.

With that said, today I tried out a literal smoke-inspired eye shadow combination. The inspiration came from nothing more than the names of a few colors in my Patti Dubroff Perfect Palette that left me thinking about the sad aftermath of a forest fire (random and morbid but true).

I've always been afraid of black and dark gray shadows. When I was a junior in high school my best friend and I decided to start a black eyeshadow trend. She was blonde, I was artificially blonde at the time, and we decided the contrast would be fantastic. It didn't work out so great. At 17, I hadn't yet discovered high-quality eyeshadows, and the black I used was difficult to blend and left odd jagged lines past the crease. I quickly moved on and never  looked back.

But this morning I set aside my failures of a decade ago and decided to give this powerful pewter a try. I'm pleased with the result, but I don't anticipate using these colors regularly since they bring out the gray in my eyes rather than the blue.
I completed this look by using vapor on my lid, woodrose in the crease, and blending into the brow with bellini. I also used raven to smudge my pencil eyeliner a bit.

Where do you find inspiration for your eye makeup? 
On my face: theBalm Balm Shelter tinted moisturizer in light / Cover Girl Professional Loose Powder in translucent fair / Tarte Smooth Operator bronze finishing powder (discontinued?)/ Colorworks blush in 3 (no idea where I got this)

P.S. I've been looking around online for a picture that sums up what was in my mind when I read the color names of vapor, woodrose, and raven, and this is the closest I've found:
Photo: The Frame


  1. So when you move back here, do you think you could teach me how to do my makeup and what to use? I feel like a failure every time I read your posts

  2. I don't want you to feel like a failure! And it would be a blast to play with makeup when I get home.


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