feeling blue

I recently talked to you about my smoke-inspired eye. While I liked the look, I indicated I wouldn't use it on a regular basis, because it drew out the gray in my eyes. I prefer, instead, to play up the blue. So I got to thinking and wondered if I could create a comparable eye look using browns rather than grays. If you're blue-eyed, you probably know that orange-based hues are your best chance at creating ocean eyes. (Now I want to listen to Owl City.) Anyway, most browns will do the trick.

I did some experimenting and I found a color combination that has that smokey feel while being more blue-eyed friendly.
 I discovered the key--and what made my forest fire look different from my every day--was not putting the darkest color in the crease. Instead, with both looks, I put the darkest color on the lid and sort of blended into an ombre on my way up toward the brow.
If you want to try a similar look, simply find 4 brown shades to use. The four shades I chose all came from my Smashbox Shades of Fame palette. I also used a fifth color to smudge my eyeliner.
1. I began by applying Nude to my crease. When I'm going to use a rich color on my lid, I like to start with the crease to create a sort of boundary for the lid color.
2. I then used Mocha on the lid. And just to be clear, when I say "lid" I mean the part of my eyelid that actually covers the eyeball.
3. Next, I blended the Mocha into the Nude by going right along the crease with Praline.
4. I used Bliss to blend from the Nude into my eyebrow.
5. Finally, after applying my eyeliner, I smudged Woodrose (from my Patti Dubroff palette) along the lash line.