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Trying new makeup and haircare products is one of my greatest passions. The problem is, it's an expensive passion. I love when I find drugstore products that work well, but sometimes there is no substitute for higher-end products. As a full-time student, I often feel like I have a choice between eating and buying something beautiful that caught my eye. Another problem arises with experimenting. It's really scary to shell out twenty bucks on a new mascara if you don't know that you'll like it. 

Enter Beauty Brands
I didn't discover this store until moving to Omaha, because it's only really located in the Midwest. Over the last two and half years, it has become my favorite part of this city. Even if you don't live near a Beauty Brands location, their website can bring the magic straight to you. 

First things first: you need to sign up for their Take Ten rewards program. Sure, it's cool that you get a 10% off coupon each time you've spent $100, but that's really secondary. The great thing about being a rewards member is the coupons. Every couple of months, you'll get a mailer or an email with a coupon for a "free with purchase." These might be sample sizes, but often you get a free full-size product! This is fantastic because you can try new products with literally no risk to your pocketbook. 

Now, some of you might be thinking: Yeah, but to get the free product, I still have to buy something... And while that's true, this point highlights the next best thing about Beauty Brands--CLEARANCE. 

Let's walk through a little illustration. On Saturday I went to Beauty Brands and used a coupon for a free full-size Hempz Couture mousse, regularly priced $19.95. Suppose instead of going in to the store, I had used my coupon online. If I weren't interested in buying anything specific and instead just wanted to use the coupon, I could go to their website, select their sale section, sort by price, and buy Deborah Lippmann Stripper To Go for $1.49. Then you get your $20 mousse for free!

Saturday I had two coupons to use, and I found a lot to love in the clearance section. My local Beauty Brands actually has two clearance sections: one with products 35% off the original price and one with products 65% off. This is where I do most of my experimenting.  

The picture above is my latest Beauty Brands haul. I got Tigi Bead Head Extreme Straight Shampoo, theBalm Balm Shelter tinted moisturizer (the only product I paid full price for), Kenra Volume Spray, KMS Hair Play Makeover Spray,  Blow Straight to the Point, and the Hempz mousse I already talked about. Full price, I would have spent $121.87. Instead, even with paying full price for the makeup, I spent less than $50! The makeup was a last-minute addition, so I almost walked out of there with 5 incredible full-size hair care products for under $25. (Oh yeah, I also earned a Take Ten reward yesterday--a coupon that doesn't expire and will take 10% off my entire order when I decide to use it.)

If you couldn't tell, I can't say enough good things about this place. Are you also a Beauty Brands fan? What's your go-to store for beauty bargains? I'd love to know!


  1. About a year ago you gave me a code to get a free full size item and I ordered an awesome nail top coat for $6 and got a $20 hair oil free. I love that stuff and I bet it will last for years.

  2. Never heard of this place given that I'm not from the midwest, but maybe I should check it out! You make it seem like I'm missing out. ;)


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