a beautiful new year!

I typically don't pay attention to makeup trends. I wear what makes me feel more confident, and I ignore everything else. However, I'm surprisingly interested in and excited about a few trends for 2014 and the looks we'll be seeing more of.

Dramatic black eyeliner
Photo: Harper's Bazaar
It's no surprise I love this; I've loved it for years. Despite admonitions to lay off the eyeliner, to go brown, or otherwise blur those lines, I haven't been able to. Now maybe I'll feel less pressure to change.

Orange lips
Photo: Elle
This is one trend that's already in full swing, and I'm surprised how much I love it. I'm still pretty shy of dramatic lip colors, so I've eased myself into this look with a nude lipstick by Rimmel that applies a bit orange.

Pastel shadows
Photo: Harper's Bazaar
I love pinks and purples on eyes! I've had my natural hair color for several years now, and I've been making plans to go a bit darker. These plans are fueled, in part, by my love of lilac eyes against deep brunette hair, a look I just can't achieve with my dull brown. 

I know this isn't a makeup trend, but thank goodness for the return of
Sleek, straight hair
Photo: British Vogue
I love my straightener. I always have. I've essentially retired it for the last two years, because straightening has been taboo. But because I'm inept with creating waves and curls, my hairstyle has become almost exclusively natural. A little curl cream, an air dry, and I'm on my way. While this is easy, saves time, and is good for my hair, I'm excited to add some straight styles back into the mix.

In addition to these trends I'm excited about, there's one beauty wave I'm dreading:
Blue eyeshadow
Photo: Glamour
Let me tell you why I'm not excited about this look--jealousy. I love the idea of blue eyeshadow, but I can't pull it off. It makes my blue eyes look gray, and with my skin tone I look like a 5 year old dressing up in her mother's makeup. (Quite literally, because my mom has always kept blue eyeshadow in her arsenal.) So if you jump on board with this shadow hue, more power to you.

Just know I'll be hating you.


  1. No one looks better with heavy eyeliner than you!

    Good to know I've been taboo for so long. And really? orange lips? Eek.


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