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a compact, a nail, and a piece of paper

I don't typically use pressed powder, but it's easier to use than loose powder when you're just looking for a touch-up. So I almost always keep some pressed powder in my purse. Recently, I dropped my pressed powder compact, the powder broke into several pieces, and the whole thing was generally a mess.

I was going to throw it away, but my chin was super shiny. I thought if maybe I crushed up one of the small pieces, I could get a final touch-up before throwing it out.

I was at work and afraid to make more of a mess (the broken powder was already starting to sift through the openings in the container), so I grabbed a piece of scratch paper and dumped all of the powder onto half of it. Then I folded the paper over itself and just sort of pushed around until the powder was crushed up pretty well. In that moment, I remembered reading a blog post once about someone fixing an eyeshadow when it broke, using rubbing alcohol. I thought maybe I could salvage more than a final touch…

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