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goings-on and giveaways

I don't often blog about non-beauty aspects of my life, but the things keeping me busy in my personal life are often the reasons I don't blog as regularly as I'd like. So I thought I'd break with tradition a bit and do a post updating you about what's been going on. Bonus: Read to the end and I'll tell you how you can win a Coach wristlet! I've partnered up with Adiel of for perhaps my best giveaway yet!

The bulk of my time lately has been spent at the Empress Theatre in my hometown.

I choreograph about one show a year there, and the latest--Lucky Stiff--just opened this weekend.

I don't think I've posted many pictures of my adorable dog on here, but she just got her spring haircut. Here's a before and after:

And speaking of hair, I wanted to take a second to give my stylist a shoutout. I first met her kind of randomly. I was going to a BYU football game back in 2016 and planned to meet some Twitter friends for the first time…

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