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periodicals and poshmark

Last year, my brother bought me several magazine subscriptions. I hate throwing the magazine in the recycling bin when I'm done with an issue, because I feel like it still has life left to live.

In wondering how I could put the magazines to better use, I often think about the collages I used to make growing up. I feel like we did this at church activities, in school, and maybe just for fun? Where we would cut out pictures and words from magazines and make a poster. I asked one of my sisters if she thought her daughters would enjoy that as an activity, and she made it clear that I was showing my age. Honestly the idea still sounded fun to me, but I couldn't justify the behavior. I don't have a locker to decorate, and my sense of interior decorating has evolved--at least somewhat--since I was a teenager.

For a while, I was using the magazines to style my Poshmark cover photos. (For example, see this or this or this or this.) But lately I've been trying out more minimali…

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