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'tis the season to be gelly

Influenster sent me CoverGirl's Melting Pout gel liquid lipstick to try out. Here's my review.

I got shade 150 Raspberry Gelly, and I assumed it would be a glossy wine color.
But it was actually very pigmented--impressively so.
Next time I wear this, I'll use a lip primer and liner; I just wanted to test it on its own for my first use.

The tip of the tube is an applicator sponge, which is good because with this much color, I wouldn't want to blend with a finger. But it definitely needs blending.
The color felt Holiday-party to me, and I based my full makeup look on that feel.
The lipstick wore decently, but it was odd because it moved like a gloss while being densely colored like a lipstick. After eating a sandwich, I had color on my fingertips from my lips. I expected that to mean the lipstick was gone, but when I checked the mirror there was actually still a significant amount of color. So the formula is like a hybrid gloss/lipstick/stain.

Overall, it's a good li…

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