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It's finally time to kickoff my BYU-themed beauty giveaway!

I love makeup. I love BYU football. And I want to pay tribute to other people who also enjoy both.

A couple of years ago, I started discovering some fantastic female BYU fans on Twitter.
I'm glad I found @hobocita and @erinkay32. So cool to have more female BYU diehards in my feed — Wendy (@wendy_b) October 17, 2015 After this tweet, people chimed in recommending more accounts for me to follow. These women have become a fantastic online community for me, and I want to say thanks. (Plus, we deserve a little pick-me-up after the rocky season we've had!)
So I'm giving away...well, a lot of stuff. The whole list can be found here. Some of it is BYU-themed, some of it is beauty-themed, and some is a mix of both. For instance, you'll find a lot of blue makeup to help you show your true colors. I've also included a couple of products from ROC skincare--cougar fans understand why.

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